Indian foreign policy has been significantly liberalized at a considerable pace which is what is the main reason of economic growth in India. During last decade, the country has experienced unprecedented inflow of foreign INVESTMENTS, joint venture agreements with the foreign entities and merger and acquisition with multinational companies.

Our range of services in this area includes:

Inbound Investment: Advising on inbound INVESTMENTS in India on repatriable or non-repatriable basis, Restrictions or permissible activities under Automatic or Approval route of RBI subject to the sectorial cap, Entry strategy, Setting up of entry structure like subsidiary company or a branch or a liaison office or a project/site office. We help Companies obtain permission from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) or Reserve Bank of India (RBI), wherever it is required to do so. We advise on External Commercial Borrowing (ECB), TRADE Credit, transfer of shares from residents to non-residents and vice versa, advising on acquisition and transfer of immovable property and obtaining necessary approvals, wherever required.

Outbound Investments: Advising outbound investments by Indian entrepreneurs from India to various destinations out of India. We advise them on entity structure, permissible activities etc. We help them obtain necessary permission from the regulatory body for such outbound investments.

Regulatory Compliance:

Obtaining FIPB permission.

Business/SHARE Valuation Certificate.

Reserve Bank of India compliances as regards filing of Intimations, Forms, Returns etc.

Making representations before government authorities.