Financial Advisory

Our FINANCIAL advisory service includes plenty of functions under its matrix. We have experts working with us for evaluating capital structure strategy of a new company, grow business organically OR through acquisition, working for cost efficient option strategically OR debt restructuring. Apart from handling domestic consulting, we also provide international FINANCIAL advisory services for the customers looking for extension in foreign lands. We also have large network of professionals / institution / banks across the globe to cater to the need of business either in form of arranging private equity / divestment / structuring low cost borrowing.

The salient features of our financial consulting can be stated below:

We help in starting up a business and project its viability in the near future. The reports for legal procedures can also be generated on demand.

The herculean task of generating finance is left to us once the customer hires us for financial advisory service. Our experts cover the valuation of assets and liabilities along with the business.

In case of winding up the business, we offer disposal services for the customers that render assistance in the whole process of selling the business entity. We cover almost every aspect of finance under our FINANCIAL advisory.

The process of raising finance and authentic valuation may seem to be difficult; but the experts of RCO make it lucid and clearly transparent. The work completed in such a manner proves to be a long-term benefit for our patrons, which generally include: Business plan preparation and / or review

Project report preparation / appraisal

Strategize the most workable / feasible / cost efficient options to decide on the finance need of the business

Devising capital structure OR restructuring capital structure

Customized management system for finance modules

Liaisons with banks / FINANCIAL institution

FINANCIAL due diligence audit

Business valuations

Strategics disposals (sale of business)

Consultation on debt restructuring

Advisor and consultant for private equity placement