Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing

What is the work we do?

We at RCO are renowned for providing detailed approach at strategic sourcing. This is a facility where our consultants and thoroughbred auditors give suggestions to the companies, on ways and means to manage the resources. Further to elaborate, we can say that we at RCO offer pointers on how to spend on procuring raw materials or how to procure those at affordable rates and the negotiations with the suppliers and managing and tracking the implementation progress. This is in tune with the supply chain methods of manufacturing firms. Our clients have trusted Rohera & Co.

with strategic sourcing for we also have infused seemingly effortless optimization techniques so that our clients get the escalating benefits of a long-term liaison with the vendors and clients.

Internal audit function is an assurance and consulting oriented activity whereby we at RCO can help our business houses and individuals with their accounting so that they can understand the total worth of their business. Our talented professional consultants are well versed with the ever-changing taxation laws and with no hassles are committed to take your business through the internal audit function accordingly.

Internal audit involves an array of concern areas like efficacy of operations, detailed approach to releasing of all kinds of expenses and then the final accuracy at calculating the net result of the business at the end of the FINANCIALyear.