Mergers Acquisition

We make the process of mergers and acquisitions a lot easier for our customers. We have specialized team of experts looking after merger acquisition process and we are here to facilitate our patrons in the process of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

We adopt following process for mergers and acquisitions:

1. Devising strategy for acquisition,

2. Working on the principle consent of moving forward,

3. Conducting FINANCIAL due diligence and facilitating technical due diligence,

4. Issuing an opinion on business valuation AND

5. Devising strategy for integration for attending critical areas

Which put us distinct and unique consultancy and advisory firm in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions.

We provide following services in the process of mergers and acquisitions:

To devise strategy for acquisition

To facilitate the clients in studying FINANCIAL prospects of the entity to be merged

To conduct FINANCIAL due diligence and to facilitate technical due diligence

To issue an opinion on business valuation

To arrange finance during the whole process

The administrative processes along with legal and FINANCIAL prospects of the entity are studied and report is generated of the same

To devise integration process for attending critical areas